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Pilot Programme - OER Release

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Between 2009 and 2012 HEFCE invested in this area through the JISC and the Academy to promote the sharing and reuse of learning resources, and to provide a reputational benefit to UK higher education through the promotion of high quality learning resources worldwide.


During the UKOER Programme more than 80 projects benefited from funding, many with multiple partners across a wide range of sectors. The institutions involved experienced significant benefits and the UK HE sector as a whole has experienced increased academic reputation as a result of the work undertaken by this programme.

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OER Programme Phase 2

The pilot phase of the programme (April 2009 - April 2010) was designed to support institutions, consortia and individuals to release open educational resources for use and repurposing worldwide, by assisting the development of appropriate processes and polices to make this process an integral part of the learning material creation workflow. All resources were made available via JorumOpen.


The programme highlighted several benefit models for institutions, individuals and subject communities and a wide range of outcomes are reported in the Pilot phase Synthesis and Evaluation report McGill, L., Beetham, H., Falconer, I. and Littlejohn, A. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme JISC, 2010


Project outputs are of significant value to the wider community and to the following phase 2 projects:

Pilot Programme - OER Release Outputs


Project strands

Institutional strand

Seven institutionally based projects were funded to openly release their existing learning resources free for use and re-purposing.  Projects were expected to release at least the equivalent of one undergraduate course (360 credits).


Funded Institutional strand projects
Coventry University Open Content Employability Project
Exeter University Open Exeter
Leeds Metropolitan University Unicycle
Leicester University OTTER
Nottingham University BERLiN
Oxford University Open Spires
Staffordshire University OpenStaffs


Individual strand

Eight individuals were funded to release high quality educational resources to support at least the equivalent of 30 credits.


Funded Individual Strand Projects
University of York Open Source Electronics Learning Tools
University of Westminster www.multimediatrainingvideos.com project
University College Falmouth openUCF
Anglia Ruskin University NumBat (Numeracy Bank)
University College London Open Learning Environment Early Modern Low Countries History
University of Central Lancashire EVOLUTION: Educational and Vocational Objects for
Learning Using Technology In Open Networks
University of Lincoln Chemistry.FM
Bradford University Open Educational Resources Project(OERP)


Subject strand

Fourteen consortia were funded which were led by an Academy Subject Centre and including at least one professional body or national subject association and several institutional faculties, departments, or schools working in one or more of the relevant subject areas.



Funded Subject Strand Projects
SC LLAS (Southampton), ENG (Royal Holloway), PRS (Leeds), HCA (Warwick) The HumBox Project
SC ICS (Ulster) Open Educational Repository in Support of Computer Science
SCEngineering (Loughborough) Open Educational Resources Pilot
SC UKCME (Liverpool)) CORE-Materials: Collaborative Open Resource Environment โ€“
for Materials
SC Economics (Bristol) TRUE: Teaching Resources for Undergraduate Economics
SC Physical Sciences (Hull/Liverpool) Skills for Scientists
SC GEES (Plymouth) C-change in GEES: Open licensing of climate change and sustainability
resources in the Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
SC ADM (Brighton) Open Educational Resources in Art, Design and Media
SC MSOR (Nottingham Trent) FETLAR (Finding electronic teaching learning and assessment resources)
SC Bioscience (Leeds) An Interactive Laboratory and Fieldwork Manual for the Biosciences
SC UKCLE (Warwick) Simulation Learning Resources
SC HSAP (KCL) Public Health Open Resources in the University Sector (PHORUS)
SC C-SAP (Birmingham) Evaluating the practice of collective endeavour in opening up key
resources for learning and teaching in the social sciences
SC MEDEV (Newcastle) Organising Open Educational Resources (OOER)


Resources to support the programme

A range of resources were made available to support the projects taking part in the pilot phase:

JISC legal resources, includes video podcast and short video presentation.



JISC CETIS resources including several key blog posts



Evaluation & synthesis pages - a good set of resource links to plunder, and the evaluation framework.



TechDis, general accessibility resources.



The Jorum Community Bay

Aims to support knowledge exchange and discussion on all aspects of sharing, re-use and repurposing of learning and teaching resources. The Jorum Community Bay provides links to a range of useful information, such as authoring and repurposing tools, case studies and discussion forums, including a JorumOpen and OER discussion forum.



The Jorum website also provides a range of support


JorumOpen guides

a set of FAQs


SCORE (Open University)



Netvibes page for the Institutional Strand

http://www.netvibes.com/hwilliamson#oer-institutional_projects Heather Williamson's amazing oer netvibes pages, aggregating blog posts and resources from projects. There's several tabs of OER goodness



The JISC funded REPRODUCE programme, completed just before the pilot programme began, offers valuable information around repurposing and reusing existing learning and teaching materials http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearningcapital/reproduce








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