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OER Events

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The following is a list both of upcoming OER-related events recent events focusing on OER. Please feel free to add your event to this page - and update it to move upcoming events to recent (past) events with links to write-ups.


Please keep the events in order with the most recent first!


Upcoming events


Name of event  Date  Venue 
Open Educational Resources 2011 11-13 May 2011 Manchester Conference Centre, England




Recent (past) events


Name of event  Date  Venue 
Open Educational Resources (OER) Hackday 1 March - 1 April 2011 Manchester Conference Centre, England
Sustaining OER innovation through collaboration and partnership 25 November 2010  Online, as part of the JISC e-Learning conference
Open Educational Resources (OER) in the disciplines 26 October 2010 London, England 
OER International Showcase  23 July 2010  London, England 
UKOER10 Fringe 22 July 2010  London, England

OTTER project symposium

Further details

5 July 2010


SCORE - ‘Explorations around Labspace: From OER content to OER community?’

Further details (.doc)

29 June 2010 

Milton Keynes, England 

Higher Education Academy Annual Conference 2010

(including launch of this infoKit!)

22-23 June 2010
University of Hertfordshire, England 

JISC CETIS "OER Gathering"

Further information

22 June 2010
Glasgow, Scotland

"Championing OER - finding, creating, sharing" - an event run jointly by the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Information & Computer Science, the Regional Support Centre Northern Ireland, and Jorum

Click here to go to the Event archive, including presentations

3 June 2010  Jordanstown, Northern Ireland 

SOLSTICE Pre-Conference Workshop "Engaging with open content: a framework for the novice"

 Further information 

2 June 2010 Ormskirrk, England

Making 'open' the easiest option: OER and sustainability

Cloudworks page

13 May 2010  Leeds, England 

NDLR Fest 2010 - National Showcase of Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

Further information

14 April 2010 Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Further information

22-24 March 2010 Cambridge, England



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