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- familiarising people with the infoKit

- getting feedback and responses to the infoKit


All of the answers are somewhere on the OER infoKit. http://bit.ly/oerinfokit


1.  What is the URL for the Accessibility Passport Generator, and why would you want to generate a passport?

A. accessibilitypassport.org

The Accessibility Passport is a way of encouraging people who commission or design learning objects or software to take accessibility into account, and to give them feedback on the effectiveness and inclusivity of their materials. It provides feedback from the user and the deliverer to the commissioners and designers to encourage productive interaction.


Use menu in sidebar – follow link to accessibility

Search for accessibility or see all tags link in sidebar

Or use accessibility tag in tagcloud (not on front page anymore show them where it now is - click on Experienced with OER on home page)



2. What are moral rights? Who could help you if you were unsure?

Sidebar legal aspects page

Search box


3.  What did the “Good intentions” report examine?

Business models and benefits for different stakeholder groups


Sidebar menu link – overviews and general guidance

Search is much less useful here as mentioned in many contexts but is third hit.

Also referenced on the page Approaches and models


4. Who stated explicitly that “it is not the role of any one organization to perform QA on OERs”? How does this organisation work?

OER Africa


Sidebar menu - Quality

search box

tags list


5. How many compelling reasons does the infokit offer senior managers to become involved in OER? Which do you think would be most compelling to your managers?


Main menu front page  hmmn will they remember that it was on the front page.

senior managers search box though


6. Select three items from this page that you think you could reuse/repurpose in your own context

UKOER Guides Pedagogical Aspects

this is a good example because it includes subject discioline stuff too.


7. Imagine you are preparing a session with your stakeholders where you anticipate some negativity toward the concept of OER and to their involvement. Find three pages in the infokit that can help you prepare. Hope they translate this to barriers and enablers in some way and find

Overcoming barriers and finding enablers

Why OER? Stakeholders and benefits

Cultural considerations

Compelling reasons to adopt open educational resources


Could Also point out that oersynth wiki also has lots of stuff




8. Where do you think you will find resources to support your project evaluation activities



in sidebar


9. Has anyone else developed a take-down policy when copyright issues emerge?
examples insluded
also included on


10. See if you can find a UKOER project that covered your subject discipline

A. There is a specific page that provides a list of projects by subject discipline UKOER-subject-disciplines


This can be found as a link from the main OER programme page Open Educational Resources Programme

Through the menu (but not added yet)

If you type subject in the search box you get offered a link to the subject discipline page

If you type law into the search box you get the option to look in page content for law. if you select that the subject disciplines page comes up as one of the options (so does other legal aspects of releasing oer so highlights that this is a less efficient way to search.)


11.  See if you can find some case studies around oer release

A there are some case studies listed in a few places

Overviews and General Guidance

UKOER guides and toolkits


If you type case studies in the search box you get the option to look in page content for case studies this pulls up the pages listed above but also any page that mentions case studies

If they use the see all tags link (from the bottom of the sidebar navigation) they can go to the case-studies tag.


12. Where can you find a discussion of technical issues raised by the UKOER Programme?

Technology for Open Educational Resources - Into The Wild. Reflections on three years of the UK OER Programmes Edited by Amber Thomas, Lorna M. Campbell, Phil Barker and Martin Hawksey. October 2012


this link can be found on the following pages

Technical and Data Management considerations


UKOER Guides Technical Aspects






















































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