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UKOERGuides PedagogicalAspects

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Pedagogical aspects - practical resources and guides

Includes quality, trust, curriculum needs and development


This aspect is linked closely to how people use, reuse and repurpose materials. See also pages within the infokit that discuss these issues: Learning and Teaching considerations ; OER Use and Reuse ; Stakeholders and benefitsCultural considerations


Issues of granularity of resources (whether to develop packages of smaller items such as photographs, videos, podcasts, etc. or to package these up with an appropriate educational context) were discussed throughout the three year programme and were managed in many different ways. Some chose to add 'educational wrappers' whilst others felt that the potential wide range of different educational contexts should be left to the users to decide.



Types of OER


Pedagogical context (guidance within OER)


Surveys of OER


Curriculum design


Open courses





Subject-discipline needs







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